TB285 Compact Excavator

With a wide variety of features that include several working modes, multiple auxiliary hydraulic circuits, boom holding valve, and overload alarm the TB285 provides unsurpassed performance, versatility and value.  From the powerful and efficient turbocharged engine to the precision control of the load sensing hydraulic system this machine is well equipped to perform in a wide range of applications.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

Dual Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuits – Oil flow is easily adjusted in both circuits and the primary circuit features three programmable work modes. The primary circuit can also operate in momentary or continuous mode with selectable 1-way or 2-way oil flow.

Powerful Traction Forces – Automatic step down travel motors deliver powerful traction forces improving performance when backfilling, turning, climbing inclines, and working in difficult terrain and material.

Powerful Dig Forces – Takeuchi’s excellent arm and bucket power provide the perfect combination of power, speed, and versatility at your fingertips.

Shut-off Valve – Simplify attachment installation and limit the release of hydraulic oil.

Optimized Design – The rounded design features a contemporary look, and the conventional tail swing delivers excellent stability.

Turbocharged Diesel Engine – produces 24% more torque over the previous model and operates at a slower speed for increased durability, all while delivering excellent fuel economy and quiet operation.

Track Frame – provides a stable platform when digging over the side of the tracks and improves ground clearance. Sloped design deters the build-up of dirt and debris, increasing the overall life of the track.

Triple Flanged Track Rollers and Short Pitch Rubber Tracks – Provide increased roller/rail contact improving ride quality.

Wrap Around Counterweight – Protects key engine and hydraulic components from damage while delivering excellent stability.

Weld Quality – High quality steel and superior weld quality ensure durability and longevity.

Heavy Duty Backfill Blade – Integrated gusset reinforcements and large blade cylinder give you the strength and durability you expect from the class leader.

Routing of Hoses and Protective Wraps – Intelligent routing of hoses and high quality protective wraps ensure many hours of reliable service.

Spacious Automotive Styled Interior – Ensures operator comfort and provides a functional work area with a large multi-information display, automatic climate control, and various function switches to improve performance.

Large Travel Pedals – Fully support the operator’s feet for greater comfort and control while traveling. Additionally, pedals are raised off floor to reduce build-up of dirt and debris that can limit or impede travel functions.

Auto climate Control – Ergonomic cab features standard automatic climate control for the heat and air conditioning system ensuring comfort throughout the year no matter the conditions.

Easy to Operate Switches – Sealed switches provide ergonomic control of the machine functions including: front and side work lights, wiper, automatic idle, work modes, adjustable auxiliary flow and lift alarm.

Machine Command Center – Large LCD gauge panel with multi-function operator information center provides easy to see information to the operator and allows adjustment of the auxiliary flow from the operator’s seat.

None Better – The new service access hood eliminates the tilt-up cabin, and provides outstanding access to the control valve, hydraulic lines, hydraulic tank, and optional pattern change valve.

Quick Access Panel – Fast easy access to fuel fill and site gauges for both fuel and hydraulic fluid.

Rear Engine Access – Provides convenient access to daily checks and routine maintenance points.

Automatic Fuel Bleed System – Automatically purges air from fuel system in the event the machine is run out of fuel.

Automatic Track Tensioning System – Automatically adjusts track tension when machine is operated in high speed travel, eliminating manual adjustments.