Takeuchi Japan: We are pleased to announce that Takeuchi’s cumulative total for manufactured machines reached 300,000 units on May 9, 2017.

It has been 47 years since our production began in 1971.  Takeuchi is proud of this accomplishment and we will continue to provide high-quality products that contribute to the people and society for many years to come.

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Takeuchi on display at the 2017 ConExpo / Con-Agg Trade Show

Takeuchi will be attending the 2017 ConExpo / Con Agg show in Las Vegas, Nevada, US.  They will have all their new products on displays and will be educating attendees on the latest technology and innovations that goes into making their world class construction equipment.

ConExpo / Con Agg is held every 3 years at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  This year show management expects to see more than 2,500 exhibitors and over 125,000 attendees from around the world come through the doors of the largest Construction Equipment show in North America.

Show dates are March 7th through 11th, 2017.  For more information check out the ConExpo / Con Agg website at, www.conexpoconagg.com.

Takeuchi Releases New Excavator, Largest in Lineup

Takeuchi mfg, a global leader in compact construction equipment has introduced their new TB2150 hydraulic excavator to the market.  Completely redesigned from the ground up, the TB2150 replaces the Takeuchi TB1140 SERIES 2 excavator.

The TB2150 is the largest, most capable excavator in the Takeuchi lineup. At 15,095 kilograms, the machine delivers greater functionality, performance, comfort, and serviceability over the previous TB1140 SERIES 2 model.

The TB2150 offers a maximum digging depth of 5,195 mm, maximum dump height of 6,070 mm, maximum reach of 8,520 mm and maximum bucket breakout force of 98.7 kN.

Powered by a Deutz TCD 3.6 liter turbocharged diesel engine that is EU Stage IV / EPA Tier 4 emission compliant, the TB2150 produces 85 kW, a 10 percent increase over the previous version, and delivers  460 Nm of torque, a 19 percent increase. The engine utilizes a DOC+SCR diesel exhaust after-treatment system that requires the use of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF).

The operator’s station has been completely updated with an automotive styled interior that is operator friendly. A spacious cabin has an optional heated deluxe high-back air suspension seat, and the new color multi-informational display keeps the operator informed of machine performance. In addition, the excavator includes boom and arm holding valves, an overload alarm, and a new rear view camera to view objects behind the machine on the color monitor.

Serviceability and uptime have been greatly improved by simplifying access to key maintenance items. This includes a 19 percent increase in fuel tank capacity and the engine does not have a DPF to maintain.

Takeuchi Launches Two New Track Loaders

Takeuchi an innovative global leader in compact equipment has introduced two new track loaders to the market with the TL10V-2 and TL12R-2.

TL10V-2 Track Loader

The TL10V-2 is the second vertical lift track loader in the Takeuchi lineup, joining the larger TL12V-2. The vertical lift arrangement delivers a 5 percent greater operating capacity over the TL10 radial. It also provides increased lift height and greater balance.

At 4,605 kilograms, the TL10V-2 features a tipping load of 3,270 kilograms, bucket breakout force of 29 kN, and lift arm breakout force of 24 kN. Additionally, it has a maximum hinge pin height of 3,170 mm, dump height fully raised of 2,435 mm and dump reach fully raised of 950 mm. 

The TL10V-2 is powered by a Kubota 3.3 liter diesel engine that produces a rated output (ISO 14396) of 54.6 kW, 261.1 Nm of torque, and features a DOC+DPF diesel exhaust after-treatment system. Active Power Control (APC) is standard equipment and it allows the machine to automatically maintain engine power and keeps the engine within its optimal performance range.  This feature is unique and can be turned on, or off depending on the operator’s experience with Takeuchi controls.

A fully redesigned operator’s station provides greater comfort and functionality. A new 5.7-inch color multi-informational display keeps the operator informed, while the precision pilot controls deliver unmatched responsiveness, performance, and comfort.

The quiet track design reduces noise and vibration and the tread design provides maximum flotation. Central filter locations, easy access battery compartment, and high capacity swing out cooling module improve serviceability.

TL12R-2 Track Loader

The TL12R-2 radial replaces the TL12 and features an operating weight of 5,670 kilograms.  It delivers over 6.5% more operating capacity, and has a tipping load of 3,915 kilograms.

The machine features a bucket breakout force of 36.5 kN, has a maximum hinge pin height of 3,200 mm, a dump height of 2,400 mm and dump reach fully raised of 960 mm. 

The TL12R-2 is powered by a Kubota 3.8 liter diesel engine that produces a rated output (ISO14396) of 81.8 kW and 379.3 Nm of torque. It also has a DOC+DPF+SCR diesel exhaust after-treatment system that requires the use of diesel exhaust fluid, or DEF.

Similar to the TL12V-2, the TL12R-2’s operator station has been redesigned and wider than the TL12 for greater comfort and accessibility. The 5.7-inch color multi-informational display is also featured on the TL12R-2. Similar to the TL10V-2, the overhead door is quieter, easier to use, and can be opened, or closed during machine operation.

A quiet track design reduces noise while operating, and a wide block tread design provides maximum flotation, while serviceability has been improved with a centralized filter location, an added battery access compartment and a swing out cooling module.

Takeuchi Integrates Vertical Lift Design to Compact Track Loader Lineup

Takeuchi an innovative global leader in compact equipment, has introduced the all-new TL12V-2 track loader, the first vertical lift model in their lineup and the largest vertical lift track loader in the industry. The TL12V-2 has many new and exciting features that enhance performance, durability, and serviceability. These features provide better stability, visibility, reduced vibration, increased lift height, and complete comfort for the operator.

Built with increased performance features, the TL12V-2 vertical lift loader arrangement delivers 45 percent greater operating capacity over the current TL12 radial, and delivers exceptional load and carry performance. Additionally, the vertical lift arm design provides outstanding reach, increased lift height and remarkable stability.

The new track loader is powered by a Kubota 3.8L diesel engine that is EU Stage IV / EPA Tier 4 emission compliant, and produces a rated output (ISO 14396) of 81.8 kW and 379.9 Nm of torque.

Takeuchi features a lower cross member on the TL12V-2 for greater visibility, efficiency and performance on the job. The design of the rear cross member also provides optimum visibility to the rear of the machine. Additionally, the operator’s station has been completely updated with a wider cabin for exceptional comfort and accessibility. A new 5.7-inch color multi-informational display keeps the operator informed, while the precision pilot controls and a new Active Power Control system provide impressive control of the machine.

The TL12V-2 now features a quiet track design for reduced noise and vibration while operating with a new tread pattern. The tread pattern produces greater flotation minimizing ground disturbance, and a new contact pad between the roller and track enhances ride quality and reduces vibration. Additionally the undercarriage on the TL12V-2 has been lengthened for greater stability and improved ride quality.

Takeuchi Headquarters Move to New Facility

Takeuchi is excited to announce they have recently completed a major expansion to their corporate complex.  Included in the expansion is an administration building, a new main factory building and a production engineering building.  These new state of the art facilities include environmentally friendly technology, and will enhance production efficiency. All of the new buildings are equipped with solar power generators, adding to Takeuchi’s commitment to the environment in which the live and work.

“These new buildings represent growth and our commitment to the construction industry,” said Clay Eubanks, Takeuchi US President. “Takeuchi has had a great year so far, and we are extremely excited about these changes and look forward to our continued growth and success.”

Takeuchi construction equipment is garnering immense praise in many markets around the globe, with a large presence in North America and Europe.  Takeuchi continues to innovate to build quality compact construction equipment that achieves higher global standards and that meet their customer’s needs.