Our Business

Founded in August 1963, Takeuchi celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013. We have grown over the years primarily as a manufacturer of construction machinery.

Progress spanning more than five decades at the Takeuchi Group is backed by the three C’s: Creation, Challenges and Cooperation. By constantly coming up with new ideas and taking on new challenges involving technologies and business operations, we have sustained long-term growth. At the same time, we have maintained strong ties with our customers. Our group remains dedicated to establishing the global standard for excellence in our markets. We will continue to meet the needs of customers worldwide based on the spirit of “prioritizing functions and performance.”

Our Products

The Takeuchi Group manufactures compact and hydraulic excavators, track loaders and other construction machinery.

The Global Standard

Compact excavators and track loaders are the Takeuchi Group’s core products. Takeuchi was the first company to develop and start selling these two innovative products. In particular, we continue to set the global standard in the compact excavator market. We are the second-largest supplier of these excavators in the European Union and the fifth-largest in North America (Off-Highway Research 2018).

A Global Presence

To grow outside Japan, we started building a global sales network ahead of our competitors. The first step was establishing a subsidiary in the United States in 1979. This was followed by subsidiaries in the United Kingdom, France and China. Today, these subsidiaries are the foundation for a powerful worldwide network of distributors that perform efficient sales activities and provide speedy services.

The Takeuchi Global Network

Strengths of the Takeuchi Group

Manufacturing and exporting construction machinery that matches the needs of users around the world demands a thorough understanding of each market. Our operations reflect the customs and climate of our markets as well as how our machinery is used. To serve customers, we have a global network of distributors that are familiar with every aspect of their respective markets. Furthermore, our subsidiaries and distributors provide valuable support by supplying user feedback and other information. We use this information for improvements, new products and other activities in order to meet our customers’ needs even better.

How Takeuchi Uses Feedback from Customers