Investor FAQ’s

About the Company

When was Takeuchi established?

The date of establishment is August 21, 1963.

Please provide basic information about the company.

Please see the Company Profile page for this information.

What are the main business activities?

Please see the Our Business page for information about business activities.

Please explain your strategic goals.

Please see the Management Strategy page for this information.

What is Takeuchi doing to maintain sound corporate governance?

Please see the Corporate Governance page for an explanation of corporate governance.

About Achievements

When is the end of the fiscal year?

The fiscal year ends on the last day of February, but we announce results of operations every quarter.

What is your geographic sales composition?

Please see the Segment Information page for this information.

About Shares

When were Takeuchi’s shares listed and where is the stock traded?

Our stock has been traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, First Section (currently called as Prime Market) since March 2015.

What is the stock code? Where can I see basic information about the shares?

The stock code is 6432. Please see the Stock Information page for more information.