Management Strategy

Medium and long-term strategies, targeted performance indicators and important issues

Takeuchi has started a three-year medium-term business plan ending in February 2019 that has the following central themes.

Fundamental themes of the FY16-FY18 medium-term business plan. Advance to a new stage:

  • Customers first – Grow and prosper with customers
  • Innovation – A new age of manufacturing
  • Creativity – Combining creativity with actions

Market development and higher customer satisfaction

  • Add more dealers and build an extensive sales network consisting of outstanding dealers.
  • Reinforce the global infrastructure for serving customers by strengthening the capabilities of
    overseas bases and increasing cooperation among group companies.
  • Step up operational support for dealers and distributors by using information and communication
    technologies to create new services and build a strong supply system of parts.

Manufacturing reforms

  • Upgrade product development skills with the flexibility for creating products that match the differing
    needs of each market by training people who develop new products and combining experience with
    new industrial technologies and other expertise.
  • Use information technology and other methods to organize and centralize knowledge and data that are currently in many locations within the Takeuchi Group. Establish a framework for using this information in product development and manufacturing operations with the goal of improving productivity and efficiency and adding more value to products.

Become more cost competitive and resilient to foreign exchange rate movements

  • Reexamine how materials and parts are purchased for constant activities aimed at cost reductions.
  • Increase the procurement ratio of parts from outside Japan, including from the subsidiary in China and improve the group’s resilience to changes in foreign exchange rates.

Use a small number of people to perform tasks efficiently

  • Foster a workforce of people who can identify and solve problems and examine ways to establish personnel systems that enable all employees to realize their full potential.

The medium-term business plan has the following targets for the fiscal year ending in February 2019.

 Year ending February 2019Year ended February 2016
Sales88.6 to 94.0 billion yen85.2 billion yen
Operating margin15 to 19%19%
Assumptions1 US dollar = 105 to 115 yen
1 British pound = 150 to 167 yen
1 Euro = 120 to 130 yen
1 Yuan = 16.5 to 18 yen