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Sakaki-Machi, Japan (March 9, 2023): Takeuchi has added a wheeled model, the TB395W, to its growing excavator product line. The TB395W provides owner/operators with a highly versatile option that combines powerful excavating performance with on-road capabilities, making it ideal for shorter-term, faster-paced projects.


“Wheeled excavators have become increasingly common in Europe over the years, and they’re gaining popularity in other regions as well,” said Clay Eubanks, director of global sales for Takeuchi. “With the new TB395W, we’re providing our customers with a larger, high-performing machine that provides all the unique benefits of a wheeled unit, including higher travel speeds and the ability to handle both on- and off-road applications.”

The TB395W features two four-wheel steering modes — 4WS (all-wheel steering) and 4WSC (crab steering). A wide range, longer stick arm allows for greater clearance between the bucket and dozer blade due to arm mount position. As a result, operators of the TB395W can pull the bucket all the way to the dozer blade, which is ideal when working in narrow spaces or moving an obstacle out of the way. Auto Cruise enables operators to set and adjust their travel speeds by pressing a button or operating a toggle switch (on an optional, multi-function grip). Auto Cruise is ideal for attachments that require a consistent, repeatable travel speed, such as a mulcher, mower or trencher.


Takeuchi outfitted the TB395W with a newly redesigned interior to improve the operator experience. The cab features an easy-to-read 8” touchscreen, multifunction color monitor with integrated air conditioning and DAB radio functions. A deluxe, high-back, air-ride suspension seat, adjustable arm rests, low-effort pilot controls, large flat floor area and integrated footrests help operators remain comfortable and productive throughout the workday. Using the machine’s intuitive jog dial, operators can easily navigate and control the TB395W’s monitor, including its HVAC and DAB radio functions. Simple, one-touch control switches operate other machine functions, such as work lights, Standard and ECO working modes, Service Port 1 detent, low- and high-speed gear box, swing boom/second boom select, differential lock, manual regen/regen inhibit and lift overload alarm.


The TB395W excavator weighs 10,625 kg (23,425 lbs.) when equipped with outriggers and a blade. It’s powered by an EU-Stage V-compliant diesel engine delivering 85 kW (113.9 HP) at 2,200 rpm and up to 460 Nm (339 ft-lbs.) of torque. A closed-loop, load-sensing hydraulic system delivers smooth control of the work equipment and a wide range of hydraulic attachments. The TB395W’s 4,095 mm (13.4 ft) digging depth and 8,260 mm (27 ft) cutting height make it particularly useful on construction sites. The excavator offers a maximum bucket breakout force of 58.9 kN (13,240 lbs.), a maximum arm digging force of 39.7 kN (8,925 lbs.) and a traction force of 57.8 kN (12,995 lbs.) Multiple optional service ports are available on the TB395W, with standard Service Port 1 (SP1) and Service Port 2 (SP2) plumbed to mid-arm with shutoff valves. SP1 delivers a flow rate of up to 120 L/min and a pressure rating 21.0 MPa, while SP2 has a flow rate of up to 55 L/min and a pressure rating of 21.0 MPa.

Because proper maintenance and service work are imperative for long machine life, Takeuchi designed the TB395W with a wide-opening rear engine service door and an overhead-opening right-side cover. Both the service door and right-side cover are constructed of durable steel to discourage vandalism and theft.


“We wanted to make maintaining and servicing the TB395W as simple as possible,” said Eubanks. “Our design ensures easy access to key daily inspection points like the engine oil dipstick, engine oil filter, engine oil fill and more.”


Takeuchi’s Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system comes standard on the TB395W in the EU. TFM reduces downtime and controls costs by providing owner/operators with machine health and condition, run time (hours) and machine location, as well as remote diagnostics, scheduled maintenance reminders and customizable alert settings. TFM also gives owners the ability to geofence their machines, helping them protect and secure their investments.


“As the world becomes increasingly urbanized, excavator owners and operators must frequently work on projects near city streets and other developed areas,” Eubanks said. “The new TB395W provides the power of a tracked excavator but with less disruption to existing infrastructure and the ability to travel efficiently from Point A to Point B.”

For more information on Takeuchi excavators and track loaders, visit www.takeuchiglobal.com.


About Takeuchi

Takeuchi is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of an extensive line of compact track loaders and compact excavators. Founded in 1963, Takeuchi was the first company to introduce the compact excavator, setting the stage for one of the highest growth product segments ever introduced in the compact equipment market. The compact excavator has become a main line product for both rental and construction/utility companies. Takeuchi continued to lead the compact construction industry with the introduction of the first compact track loader to North America.


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