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Sakaki-Machi, Japan (Sept. 1, 2023): Takeuchi’sTB20e, the manufacturer’s first designed-and-built, battery-powered compact excavator, is now available for sale and rental at dealer locations worldwide. The TB20e sports a new color scheme, switching from Takeuchi’s traditional red and gray to light gray on dark gray with a blue TB20e decal.

“With its new look, dealers and their customers can quickly identify the TB20e as an electric machine,” said Clay Eubanks, Takeuchi’s director of global sales. “From now on, as we add more electric models to our product line, those models will also adopt that same all-gray color scheme. This new look will be especially helpful in mixed fleets with both electric Takeuchi machines and diesel-powered units.”

Similar in performance to Takeuchi’s diesel-powered TB216 compact excavator, the TB20e is powered by a 24.7 kWh lithium-ion battery that offers a continuous working range of up to eight hours, depending on application and environment. The excavator features an on-board charger with 95v to 265v single-phase power. When operators require additional runtime, they can tether the TB20e to the onboard charger and remain operational. A faster, optional off-board charger can charge the TB20e in just two to four hours using 340v to 460v three-phase power.

The TB20e is work ready and demonstrates its Takeuchi pedigree through its rugged, allsteel construction and heavy-duty design. A retractable undercarriage makes it possible for the TB20e to pass through narrow openings. The excavator has an operating weight of 1,930 kg (4,255 lb) and features a long arm giving it greater working range. It has a maximum dig depth of 2,390 mm (7’10”) and a maximum reach of 4,090 mm (13’4.9). A primary hydraulic circuit plumbed to midarm delivers 34.0 L/min (9.0 gpm) for running a hydraulic hammer or other hydraulically driven attachments. Depending on the region the TB20e may also be equipped with up to four service ports. The TB20e features an independent circuit for the slew function which provides smooth control and improved battery life.Because the TB20e has no engine, the excavator is simple to maintain, with fewer moving parts and no need for fuel filters, engine oil, engine oil filters or coolant.

The operators’ station features a color, 4.3-inch, high-definition, multifunction monitor, electrohydraulic joystick controls, key start, comfortable suspension seat, traditional travel and blade control levers and an electronic dial throttle. This dial throttle increases the motor speed incrementally; however, unlike a diesel engine that gets increasingly louder as its RPMs ramp up, the TB20e’s only sounds come from its motor and pumps.


The Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system comes standard on the TB20e. TFM reduces downtime and controls costs by providing remote diagnostics and scheduled maintenance reminders along with customizable alert settings. It also supplies owners and operators with valuable information about machine health, run time (hours) and location. Owners can geofence their machines, protecting and securing their investments.

“The TB20e is an example of Takeuchi’s enduring legacy of innovation and commitment to environmental stewardship,” said Eubanks. “This battery-powered excavator is designed to help customers meet their own sustainability goals and decrease their overall operating costs without sacrificing the performance and reliability they both deserve and expect from Takeuchi.”

For more information on Takeuchi track loaders, excavators and wheel loaders, visit www.takeuchiglobal.com.

About Takeuchi

Takeuchi is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of an extensive line of compact excavators and compact track loaders. Founded in 1963, Takeuchi was the first company to introduce the compact excavator,setting the stage for one of the highest growth product segments ever introduced in the compact equipment market. The compact excavator has become a main line product for both rental and construction/utility companies. Takeuchi continued to lead the compact construction industry with the introduction of the first compact track loader to North America.

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