TCR50-2 Crawler Dumper

The new TCR50-2 crawler dumper offers greater functionality, performance, comfort and serviceability. With an ample 65 degree dumping angle and 3,700 kg maximum loading weight, operator always get a lots of soil discharged with just a single dumping stroke. 180 degree turning dump reduces the need for unskilled operator to continually reposition the machine and it prevents early wear of rubber tracks.

A completely redesigned operator’s station features an intuitive 5.7″ color multi-informational display with standard camera view function, hydraulic joystick controls, adjustable suspension seat, powerful air conditioner, radio with USB support and large cup holder for superior operator comfort and less fatigue. Hydraulic joystick controls deliver smooth operation for travel function and dump body function while foot throttle allows more economic and intuitive operation for engine speed.

Wide opening maintenance cover provides exceptional access to engine and routine inspection points. Standard fuel transfer pump enables operator to refill the tank with fuel more easily and quickly.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

EU Stage V / EPA Tier 4 Compliant Engine with DPF – Provides outstanding output and greater torque while delivering quiet ride.

180 degree Turning Dump with Less Hang over – Reduces the need to continually reposition the machine, reducing early wear of rubber tracks.

65 degree Dumping Angle and 3,700 kg Maximum Loading Weight – Enable operator always to get a lots of soil discharged with just a single dumping stroke.

Two Forward Facing LED Work Lights – Improve visibility and safety in low light conditions.

Rear View Monitor – Highly improves visibility and safety around the machine.

Auto Deceleration – Reduces fuel consumption by slowing engine speeds to low idle when hydraulic functions are not manipulated for approximately 4 seconds.

All Steel Construction – The engine hood, right side access cover and front access cover are all steel for extra durability.

Heavy Duty Dump – Delivers operator the strength and durability which operator expects from the class leader.

ROPS / FOPS Cabin – Protects operator from rollover machine or falling objects in dangerous environments, such like the forestry and construction industries.

Automotive Styled Interior – Is updated over old TCR50 crawler dumper. Spacious operator’s cab delivers outstanding visibility and high level of standard features.

5.7” Multi-Informational Display – Provides critical machine information, overall machine health and allows operator to view rear camera.

Hydraulic Pilot Controls – Are low effort, smooth and allow the operator to have precise control for safe operation.

Spacious Floor Area – Reduces operator’s fatigue.

Foot Throttle – Is a standard feature that allows for increased economy and greater precision.

Optional Air Conditioner – Ensures operator comfort throughout the year.

Wide Opening Maintenance Cover – Provides exceptional access to engine and routine inspection points.

Right Side Access Cover – Provides excellent access to the fuel filter, water separator, double element air cleaner and fuel transfer pump.

Front Access Covers – Allow access to the DEF fill and battery.

Engine Hood – Provides greater access to the engine oil fill, dipstick and engine.

Standard fuel transfer pump – Enables operator to refill the tank with fuel more easily and quickly.