TB20e Compact Excavator

As Takeuchi looks to the future and how we can be better stewards of the environment, we have once again tapped into our spirit of creation and innovation and developed the all-electric TB20e compact hydraulic excavator.  The beauty of the TB20e is that it is a zero emission and low noise level compact excavator with the same performance features and capabilities as diesel powered machines in the same class.

It is ideal for use in areas that have both noise and emissions restrictions such as in and around schools, neighborhoods, hospitals, and municipalities.  An onboard charger is able to not only charge the machine during breaks and at the end of the workday, but it also allows the operator to work while tethered.  Also available is an offboard charger that can be used to charge the TB20e in a relatively short amount of time.  The TB20e is work ready and demonstrates its Takeuchi pedigree through and through whether it be its rugged all steel construction and heavy-duty design, standard long arm, or the retractable undercarriage which enables the TB20e to work in confined areas and pass through narrow openings.

For customers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while still being able to get jobs done on time and with minimal downtime, the Takeuchi TB20e provides an abundance of productivity and a reduction of overall operating costs that are associated with traditional diesel-powered construction equipment.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

100% Lithium-Ion battery power ensures zero emission operation making the TB20e ideal for working in a wide range of applications that include food processing facilities, indoor demolition, hospitals and schools.

Reduced noise and vibration levels enable the operator to work in areas sensitive to noise pollution.

When control levers/switches are not utilized, RPM of motors will be reduced automatically to conserve energy.

Impressive run times and the ability to operate while tethered ensure you can complete jobs in a timely and efficient manner.

The onboard charger allows the TB20e to be charged using 95V to 265V single phase power.

An optional off-board charger will charge the TB20e using 340V to 460V three phase power.

TOPS / ROPS / OPG Canopy – Provides the operator with greater peace of mind.

Top mounted boom cylinder and hydraulic lines that are routed through the boom and arm delivers exceptional protection from job site hazards.

Body integrity is due to all steel construction of the TB20e which provides greater rigidity and strength and protects key components from damage.

A heavy-duty counterweight protects vital components from damage.

Cushioned cylinders improve longevity by reducing shock and they reduce felt recoil to the operator for greater comfort.

Triple flange track rollers improve track life by providing greater support of the track system and they maintain multiple contact points during operation reducing the risk of de-tracking.

Comfort and Convenience – The operator’s station on the TB20e is well appointed and spacious for outstanding comfort.

A high definition, multifunction color monitor allows the operator to view machine vitals and performance levels as they work.

EH joystick controls are low effort and precise.

The suspension seat ensures operator comfort throughout the workday.

A spacious, open floor area provides more foot space and makes it easier to enter and exit the machine.

Stay in your seat – Hydraulic flow can be adjusted from the comfort of the operator’s seat.

Reduced Maintenance intervals ensure more uptime which enhances the bottom line.

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) is designed to help you better manage your fleet and lower your overall operating costs. With monitoring you can check the health of your equipment and prevent costly repair calls by keeping track of alerts, hours and much more.