TB280FR Compact Excavator

The largest excavator in the FR platform, the TB280FR features a side-to-side (STS) offset boom combined with the minimal tail swing for unmatched visibility to the work equipment and enables it to rotate fully with very little overhang.  Its low center of gravity and optimized counterweight placement creates an extremely stable platform with  lifting capabilities similar to that of a conventional machine.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

Side-to-Side (STS) Boom System – Provides unmatched visibility to the work equipment and it allows the machine to operate in very confined areas, rotating 360 degrees just inches beyond the width of the track.

Unmatched Capability – The Full Rotation (FR) design allows the boom to come back over center enabling the machine to make a full rotation in very tight work sites.

Dual Auxiliary Hydraulics – Standard first and second auxiliary hydraulic circuits greatly improve performance and attachment versatility.

Automatic Step Down Travel Motors – Provide torque on demand when pushing, climbing, or turning in high speed mode.

Optional Blade Float – Is now standard equipment and allows the blade to float freely over the contour of the ground to simplify finish work.

Pick Your Mode – ECO, and High Altitude modes allow the operator to choose the operating mode best suited to the application.

Emission Compliant Engines – Provide outstanding power, fuel economy, low noise levels, and long service lives.

Heavy Duty Offset Boom Structure – Uses four large king pins to distribute shock and forces through the main frame via the over sized box reinforced arms for exception durability.

Cushioned Cylinders – Reduce shock to the operator and machine improving comfort and component life.

All Steel Construction – The engine hood, side covers and access panels are all steel for increased durability.

Heavy Duty Blade – Integrated gusset reinforcements and large blade cylinder give you the strength and durability you expect from the class leader.

Triple Flange Track Rollers – provide increased roller to rail contact improving track retention.

LCD Multi Information Display – Is easy to read in all light conditions and provides the operator with outstanding functionality and valuable machine data.

Spacious Automotive Styled Interior – Ensures operator comfort and a functional work space with a large multi-information display, and various function switches for improved operator input.

Suspension Seat – Provides weight adjustment along with fore and aft movement and is also equipped with a 2 inch retractable seat belt.

Pilot Operated Joystick Controls – deliver precise responsive controls, and are low effort reducing fatigue.

Optional Control Pattern Change Valve – Allows the machine to be matched to the operator’s preferred operating pattern.

Large Travel Pedals – Fully support the operator’s feet for greater comfort and control while traveling. Additionally, pedals are raised off the floor to reduce the build-up of dirt and debris that can limit or impede travel functions.

Tilt-Up Operator’s Station – Provides excellent access to engine and hydraulic components.

Rear Engine Access – Provides convenient access to daily checks and routine maintenance points.

Heavy Duty Cooling System – The side by side radiator and oil cooler features increased cooling capacity and are easy to inspect, clean and maintain.

Lockable Fuel Fill – is convenient and secure. A remote gauge is also provided for assistance when refueling. The system also uses a self bleeding system to provide easier restarts if the machine is run out of fuel.