TB320 Compact Excavator

Available in both canopy and cab configurations with up to four service ports, the TB320 features many advancements in performance and technology that make it an extremely versatile machine. Using a proportional slider switch on the left joystick, the TB320 features best in class hydraulic flow if 40 L/min on service port 1 making it capable of running a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments.  Thanks in part to its compact design and dimensions, the TB320 is easy to transport to and from the jobsite and it is an ideal platform for working on sites with very limited accessibility. The ability to retract the undercarriage on the TB320 down to 980 mm plays a huge role in the nimbleness of the TB320 and its ability to maneuver easily around obstacles and narrow passages that may be encountered on the urban worksite.  When the operator is ready to work, the undercarriage can be expanded to a width of 1370 mm and when coupled with the excavator’s conventional tail swing design you have a very robust and stable operating platform that also delivers exceptional lift capacity.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

The TB320 features conventional tail swing design which optimizes performance in digging, loading and lifting applications.

Retractable undercarriage which can be adjusted from 980 mm to 1,370 mm allows this machine to travel through areas with limited access while keeping excellent stability during working.

The up to four service ports broaden the hydraulic attachment options suitable for a variety of applications.

High breakout force and lifting capacity deliver the greater productivity required on versatile sites.

Automatic two-speed travel shifts to high torque/low speed travel when turning, pushing, or ascending a hill or slope while shifting back to low torque/high speed when the load becomes lighter automatically.

Compact size and weight enable the TB320 to be easily moved on a small trailer with a simple car driver’s license.

TOPS / ROPS / OPG compliant cab and canopy provide the operator with greater peace of mind.

Top mounted boom cylinder and hydraulic lines that are routed through the boom and arm delivers exceptional protection from job site hazards.

Body integrity is due to all steel construction of the TB320 which provides greater strength and protects key components from damage.

A heavy-duty counterweight protects vital components from damage.

Cushioned cylinders improve longevity by reducing shock and they reduce felt recoil to the operator for greater comfort.

Triple flange track rollers improve track life by providing greater support of the track system and they maintain multiple contact points during operation reducing the risk of de-tracking.

Comfort and Convenience – The operator’s station on the TB320 is well appointed and spacious for outstanding comfort.

A multifunction color monitor allows the operator to view machine vitals and performance levels as they work.

Pilot controls are low effort and precise.

The suspension seat ensures operator comfort throughout the workday.

A spacious, open floor area provides more foot space and makes it easier to enter and exit the machine.

Wide opening engine hood and multiple access panels provide excellent access to daily maintenance and inspection points.

Lockable fuel fill is convenient and secure. A remote gauge is also provided for assistance when refueling. The system also uses a self bleeding system to provide easier restarts if the machine is run out of fuel.