TB395W Wheeled Excavator

Takeuchi prides itself on continuous product improvement and refinement. This is evident in the TB395W which features a deluxe high definition color touch screen monitor, as well as a jog dial that allows the operator to easily navigate various functions that include the DAB radio with Bluetooth functionality and HVAC settings. An optional 270 degree camera system provides the operator greater peace of mind by delivering a much better field of view around the rear and sides of the machine. LED head lights and tail lamp provide excellent visibility in low light conditions. The TB395W wheeled undercarriage is now available in optional, four wheel, or crab steering modes allowing the operator to choose the mode that best fits their application. Auto cruise control enables the operator to set and adjust travel speed in both low and high range by setting the desired speed via the rocker switch set button or through the optional multi-function grip, and it is ideal for attachments that require a consistent travel speed such as a masticator or mower. Serviceability of the TB395W is unmatched with the overhead opening engine hood and right side cover ensuring that daily inspections can be carried out timely and efficiently to minimize downtime.

Models and Features may not be available in all Countries.

Product Details

Four Pillars

Two Piece Variable Angle Boom – Provides greater working range while reducing the need to continually re-position the excavator. Effective arm stroke pulls the bucket all the way to the dozer blade without operating the adjust cylinder and it makes TB395W more productive.

Auto Cruise Control – Just like automobiles, auto cruise enables to set and adjust traveling speed both in low-speed and high-speed by pressing the button or operating toggle switch (equipped on optional multi-function grip). Auto cruise is ideal for attachments that require a consistent, repeatable travel speed, such as a mulcher, mower and trencher.

Multiple Auxiliary Hydraulics – Simplify installation of hydraulic attachments improving productivity and limiting downtime.

Powerful and Sensitive Hydraulic Performance – Load sensing system delivers the hydraulic power to be efficiently adjusted to each application. Additionally, using HST pump and a variable displacement pump enhances simultaneous operation when travelling.

Optional 270°View Monitor – Provides “bird’s view eye” from above the machine makes TB395W have absolute safety edge over the competition. An operator can choose a variety of image layouts to suit the working environment.

Three Steering Modes – TB395W has three steering modes for great versatility and maneuverability at the construction site as well as for road use. An operator can easily choose the steering modes by pressing the button.
ⅰ) 2WS Mode : Only front tires are steered for a fast travelling.
ⅱ) 4WS Mode (All-Wheel Steering) : Front and rear tires are steered to the opposite phase for a small turning circle in tight sites.
ⅲ) 4WS C Mode (Crab Steering) : Front and rear tires are steered to the same phase for parallel movement.

TOPS / ROPS / OPG Cab – Provides the operator with greater peace of mind.

Heavy Duty Counterweight – Offers wrap around protection and contributes to the excellent stability.

All Steel Construction – The engine hood and right side cover are all steel for increased durability.

Optional Tiltable Roof Guard – Adds extra operator protection to the TB395W, satisfying OPG Level Ⅱ. The openable structure makes cleaning much easier than a fixed roof guard.

Cushioned Cylinders – Reduce shock to the operator and machine improving comfort and component life.

Automotive Styled Interior – Is completely redesigned over the previous model, TB295W. Following the Takeuchi design principal of exceptional operator comfort, the cabin interior size is very spacious and provides unmatched comfort and visibility.

A full-color, 8″ Touch Screen Display – Provides with a single glance all the information the operator needs to operate TB395W. An intuitive interface ensures quick understanding and easy access to the variable functions, such like air conditioning, DAB radio and hydraulic flow adjustment.

New Jog Dial and Multi-Switch Control Panel – deliver an easy access to common machine functions. Most of switches including a small and compact control panel are placed on the right lever console can be adjusted simultaneously with the operator’s seat, which provides an operator with comfortable operation.

Optional Multi-Functional Grips – Allow to customize the button allocation on the grips to owner’s preference. Multiple functions are easily accessible without releasing your hands from the grips.

Stay in your seat – Hydraulic flow can be adjusted from the comfort of the operator’s seat. Additionally, optional hydraulic adjustment system provides attachment versatility.

Wide Opening Covers – Offer convenient access to main components for outstanding serviceability.

Rear Engine Hood – Allows great access to the DOC, DPF, SCR, pilot line filter, accumulator, engine oil fill and dip stick of engine oil.

Right Side Cover – Provides excellent access to the air breather of the hydraulic tank, DEF tank, double element air cleaner, primary and secondary fuel filters, fuel supply pomp, battery, fuel cooler, A/C condenser, and radiator.

Optional Reversible Fan – Makes cleaning much easier and its operation time and operation interval can be set through the touch screen display.

Optional Mud Guards – Minimize mud splashing and pebble spattering to keep machine and road clean.